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William Clark Classic garage prog Favorite track: A Bundle of Styx.
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All tracks were recorded live (save for one vocal overdub) on a chilly March evening in Flummox-Cave V by Dave Summers & his Studio D Mobile unit.


released June 24, 2017

Blake Dellinger - Bass, Lead Vocals
Drew Jones - Lead Guitars
Alan Pfeifer - Drums
Justin Smith - Guitars, Vocals

Recorded & Mixed by Dave Summers

All songs written by Dellinger/Jones/Pfeifer/Smith



all rights reserved


Flummox Murfreesboro, Tennessee

flum·mox/ˈfləməks/ Perplex (someone) greatly; bewilder.

Blake Dellinger - bass, lead vocals
Drew Jones - acoustic & electrics, keys, vocals
Alan Pfeifer - drums, percussion
Squonk Smith - electrics, screeches
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Track Name: Hey!
How are ya doin'?
I said HEY!
please answer my question
Don't ignore me
I'm only imploring
on what kind of condition your day was in?

Is it a good day? Or is it a bad one?
Is it slightly off or does it just feel great to be alive?
Is it sunny? is it raining animals?
Is there a tornado or a hurricane ruining your way of life?

I hope it's none of them bad ones, but only the good ones
But if it's bad, well you know you have my sympathies
So Please be careful, & please stay cheerful & please watch your step or you might just fall & break your knees

I wouldn't go killing anybody if I was you!
But I ain't you!
Track Name: Tom Walker Blues
Tom Walker Blues

Satan - You've been holding out!
I've sold my soul, but there's still a hole in my bank account
I thought we had a deal?
I thought you had it sealed?
I thought if I burned for eternity, you'd pay for all my meals?

Lucifer is a buyer to beware
I signed a contract & the fucking thing vanished in thin air
I thought if I sold my soul
I was gonna get a pot of gold
Now I'm Prayin' to Jesus Christ
that you didn't write in no loophole

Give me my cash, ol' scratch
I ain't gonna ask you twice
My lawyer's already prepared
To sue The Lord of the Flies
Give me my money, Satan
I am seriously getting kinda pissed
When I sold my soul to the devil, I didn't think I wouldn't get shit

Satan! Don'tcha tell me no lies
Did ya really fucking think I wouldn't come to collect my prize?
I thought when I shook your hand
That I was gonna be a rich man
Now my only source of cash is playing in this band

Track Name: A Bundle of Styx
A Bundle of Styx

It doesn't matter if I sleep with a woman almost every night, or eat more pussy than a canine with an appetite
I love the ladies but I got an eye for you guys too - androgynous, but I've still got bigger balls than you
not based on whose ass I fuck any given day, It's okay to be gay, but some might say it might be better some other way - well, I got something I gotta say!

I might not catch it but I'll pitch it & I'll hit it pretty fucking hard
I'm a bugger but I'll fuck her; Venus, David, or any piece of art
I like what I like, & I'm psyched to be who I've been from the very start
I could win the war & run for office, if I wanna crack at it, I could start a whole family & be a better dad than Bob Saget while still making a loud as fuck rock n roll racket, but to a bigot I'm still just half a fucking faggot

Does it really matter what somebody else does with their time?
As long as they're not fucking you, you shouldn't even mind
I ain't Hillary Clinton, always flippin' & floppin' & switching sides
Maybe I don't wanna change, but god knows I've tried
But God's got nothing to do with definitions of sin
His own son was out fishin' with a dozen guys for men
This ain't some PC-PSA about fucking both ways
If it wasn't weird they wouldn't say queer, they'd just say 'okay'
But we're all mad here, & It's still perfectly clear that some people are afraid of others taking a dick in the rear
You're not scared of the faggots you're scared of yourself
And what dick might make your tiny prick rise all by itself

I'm just a bundle of sticks, damming up the damned river Styx - you're gonna blow me up
I'm just a bundle of twigs, fallen from the tree of cursed figs, you're gonna burn me down
Track Name: Black Phillip
Black Phillip

Take my hoof & I will show you your desire
A witch's broom can only fly higher & higher
Fruits of knowledge are just pleasures of the flesh
Sweet to the taste & a sin you don't have to confess
So sign my book in blood on the dotted line
Just because I have your soul, doesn't mean we can't have a good time

Bells ring with the tritone
A black sabbath is to be had
Listen to the maidens moan
Who knew evil could be this bad?

The woods at night is where our lord shall join our feasts
Skyclad, we consume the blood & body of the beast
Come to the sabbat & be anointed by the goat you love
If we can fly that means there ain't no angels up above
You've signed my book in blood just in time
Just because I reside in hell doesn't mean I'm not still divine

Bells ring with the tritone
A black sabbath is to be had
Making love to the mother crone
I knew evil could be this bad!

Prince of darkness, morning star, great bearer of truth
Lord of music, composer of sin, hear these notes arranged for you

I burn the flesh of babes to rise above the ground
The screams of bones on the flame aren't the only sound
Chant, my ladies! Chant, my pretties until your throats bleed
Dance for me, dance upon me & let inside my seed
You've signed my book in blood, now you're allowed to see
you can come with me & live your life deliciously