Intellectual Hooliganism

by Flummox

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If you have ever felt out of place or awkward...

If you are just a little or a lot a bit queer....

If you’ve ever been crazy, anxious, depressed, or dysphoric.....

If the sight of opossums makes you cheer.....

If your relationship with the devil is complicated....

If bad & horrible sounds bring pleasure to your ears...

Have we made an album for you!


released September 7, 2018

the band featured here includes:

Alyson Blake Dellinger - 6 string bass guitar, Lead Vocals, Kala U-Bass, acoustic guitar, piano, Mini-Moog, sound effects, Lyrics

Drew Jones - 6 & 7 string guitars, acoustic guitar, keys, vocals

Parker Lampley - Vocals, Flutes, Keys, Synth, Piano, kazoo

Chase McCutcheon - 7 & 8 string guitars

Alan Pfeifer - Drums, percussion

engineered, mixed, mastered, & tampered with by Dave Summers

Produced by Flummox & Dave Summers

recorded at Studio D in Tullahoma, TN Nov. 2017-Jun. 2018

featuring Flummoxing actors:
Zach Ferrin - accordion (track 13)
Jody Lester - vocals (tracks 12-13)
Keith McQuarrie - saxophone (tracks 5, 13)

all songs written and copyrighted by Dellinger/Jones/Pfeifer
except tracks 4, 9, 11, & 12 by Dellinger/Jones/Pfeifer/Smith

Artwork by Paige Wetherwax
Layout by Jeremy Edge

remastered by Chase McCutcheon


all rights reserved



Flummox Murfreesboro, Tennessee

flum·mox/ˈfləməks/ Perplex (someone) greatly; bewilder.

Alyson Blake - bass, lead vocals
Drew Jones - acoustics & electrics
Chase McCutcheon - electrics, bgv
Jesse Peck - Keyboards, bgv
Alan Pfeifer - drums, percussion
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Track Name: Hey!
How are ya doin'?
I said HEY!
please answer my question
Don't ignore me
I'm only imploring
on what kind of condition your day was in?

Is it a good day?
(shop doo wop)
is it a bad one?
(shop doo wop)
Is it slightly off or does it just feel great to be alive?
Is it sunny? is it raining animals?
Is there a hurricane or a tornado ruining your way of life?

I hope it's none of them bad ones, and only the good ones
But if it's bad, well you know you have my sympathies
So Please be careful, & please stay cheerful & please watch your step or you might just fall & break your knees

I wouldn't go killing anybody if I was you!
But I ain't you!
Track Name: Summer Cold
Summer depression, I see her in July
Ain't found a reason, but I have to wonder why?
A warm embrace seems too humid & bright
The sun's in season, but I can't bear her light

Summer cold, its got me down on my knees
In place of a breath, I just well up & sneeze
Brothers & sisters, with good will, I call
Send me your light until my world turns to fall

I sweat & I pant, my skin is burnt red
I haven’t an ounce of spit left in my head
If I see a cool pool, I aim for it & charge
But I run through the desert because it's a mirage

Summer depression, I see her in July
Ain't found a reason, but I have to wonder why?
The sun is too cold for me to handle
Death's taunting me like a flicker to candle
Track Name: Tom Walker Blues
Satan - You've been holding out!
I've sold my soul, but there's still a hole in my bank account
I thought we had a deal?
I thought you had it sealed?
I thought if I burned for eternity, you'd pay for all my meals?

Lucifer is a buyer to beware
I signed a contract & the fucking thing vanished in thin air
I thought if I sold my soul
I was gonna get a pot of gold
Now I'm Prayin' to Jesus Christ
that you didn't write in no loophole

Give me my cash, ol' scratch
I ain't gonna ask you twice
My lawyer's already prepared
To sue The Lord of the Flies
Give me my money, Satan
I am seriously getting kinda pissed
When I sold my soul to the devil, I didn't think I wouldn't get shit

Satan! Don'tcha tell me no lies
Did ya really fucking think I wouldn't come to collect my prize?
I thought if I shook your hand
That I was gonna be a rich man
Now my only source of cash is playing in this band

Track Name: Raven in a Crow's Nest
She's a spooky kind of beautiful
She likes to dance after midnight
She's a weird kind of wonderful
She seems to blend with the twilight
She ain't too dark to be an Angel
She holds mystery as her slave
she's too kind to be evil
But she ain't gone too far to be saved

I've seen her dressed in rags & stitches
But she moves like a queen
She might be some kind of faerie princess
But she's a creature of the deep

Her wit is like the crack of a whip
it cuts straight to the bone
She drinks ambition down by the sip
& only what she can call her own
She's a raven in a crow's nest
An elegant black of violet hue
She doesn't stop for just rest
she's got more wonders to view

That girl collects dead things
Where I see only forest eyes
They gave me this song to sing
& the words that lend my hand to write

you are beyond beautiful
In not just mind, body, & soul
If it were possible
I would tell the entire world
either way I'm still an ally
And I’ll never ask you to change
given no chance, I'll still fly
To take you on any adventures
fate can arrange

She's got me writing poetry again
Maybe a song or a story or two
My words have become her biggest fan
She makes the ink bleed through
She's too radiant to be hell bound
The abyss slides off her like the rain
She knows what it’s like to be lost & found
And she's just a little insane!
Track Name: A Bundle of Styx
It don't matter if I sleep with a woman almost every night, or eat more pussy than a canine with an appetite
I love the ladies but I got an eye for you guys too - androgynous, but I've still got bigger balls than you
I'm not based on whose ass I fuck any given day, It's okay to be gay, but some might say it might be better some other way - well, I got something I gotta say!

I might just catch it or I’ll pitch it, & I'll hit it pretty fucking hard
I'm a bugger but I'll fuck her; Venus, David, or any piece of art
I like what I like, & I'm psyched to be who I've been from the very start
I could win the war & run for office, if I wanna crack at it, I could start a whole family & be a better dad than Bob Saget while still making a loud as fuck rock n roll racket, but to a bigot I'm still just half a fucking faggot

Does it really matter what somebody else does with their time?
As long as they're not fucking you, you shouldn't even mind
I ain't Hillary Clinton, always flippin' & floppin' & switching sides
Maybe I don't wanna change, but god knows I've tried
God's got nothing to do with definitions of sin
His own son was out fishin' with a dozen guys for men
This ain't some PC-PSA about fucking both ways
If it wasn't weird they wouldn't say queer, they'd just say 'okay'
But we're all mad here, & It's still perfectly clear that some people are afraid of others taking a dick in the rear
You're not scared of the faggot
you're scared of yourself
And what dick might make your tiny prick rise all by itself

I'm just a bundle of sticks, jammin' up the damned river Styx - you're gonna blow me up
I'm just a bundle of twigs, fallen from the tree of cursed figs, you're gonna burn me down
Do you wanna fuck?
Do you wanna get fucked?
Do ya wanna be a cuck?
You gotta see her suck.
If'n you ain't pretty
Ya ain't gonna lay me
Whether man or a woman
It really don't matter to me
Track Name: Dysania
I will not get out of bed
you cannot fucking make me
Fuck you, this is my refuge
I will stay between these sheets

Nobody ever has to tuck me in
Count sheep constantly
I'm not missing a thing because dreams will always beat reality

I've slept seventeen hours
I've still got seven more to go
no good morning, no good night neither
I just want to stay a sleeper

It's raining, & it's pouring, but I'm still always snoring
Even if I don't bump my head, I still won't get up in the morning

Naps don't cut it, unconsciousness is my one true welcome home
Dreams play through my head
Sleep apnea is the way I want to go

The world ain't worth my time no more
I'd rather nurse on NyQuil & snore
My only concern is the occasional bed-sore
I won't be getting out of bed anymore
Track Name: Black Phillip
Take my hoof & I will show you your desire
A witch's broom can only fly higher & higher
Fruits of knowledge are just pleasures of the flesh
Sweet to the taste & a sin you don't have to confess
So sign my book in blood on the dotted line
Just because I have your soul, doesn't mean we can't have a good time

Bells ring with the tritone
A black sabbath is to be had
Listen to the maidens moan
Who knew evil could be this bad?

The woods at night is where our lord shall join our feasts
Skyclad, we consume the blood & body of the beast
Come to the sabbat & be anointed by the goat you love
If we can fly that means there ain't no angels up above
You've signed my book in blood just in time
Just because I reside in hell doesn't mean I'm not still divine

Dancing with the tritone
A black sabbath is to be had
Making love to the mother crone
I knew evil could be this bad!

Prince of darkness, morning star, great bearer of truth
Lord of music, composer of sin, hear these notes arranged for you

I burn the flesh of babes to rise above the ground
The screams of bones on the flame aren't the only sound
Chant, my ladies! Chant, my pretties until your throats bleed
Dance for me, sway upon me & let inside my seed
You've signed my book in blood, now you're allowed to see
you can come with me & live your life deliciously
Track Name: What are you up to?
Whatcha doing? What are you up to? I think you
Look like somebody who's living on the blunt side of the knife
Whatcha thinking? What are you bringing? I'm speaking
About what you are bringing to the world by your way of life

Are you sleeping or are you dreaming? I'm singing
A song about what it is you take compared to what you really give
When are you making or you creating? I'm shaking
To think about all of the various ways you've been killing yourself to live

don't think you are something
Embrace that you're nothing
don't think you are something
Embrace that you're nothing
Don't think you are something
Embrace that you're nothing
But nothing is something because it can be dead
Track Name: Rape Culture
Let's rape!
Everybody that is working hard
Let's rape!
All the people living without a card
Let's rape!
Any families that we rip apart
Let's rape!
Any pigment that is darker even if it's their land we are living on

Let's rape!
Any law that goes against our acts
Let's rape!
Any objection to our surprise attacks
Let's rape!
Anybody backing truth with facts
Let's rape!
Let's just grab em by the pussy & fuck em til the break of Dawn
Let's rape!
Like we did on the trail of tears
Let's rape!
Like we did with the blacks & queers
Let's rape!
Let's give them something real to fear
Let's rape!
Until raping doesn't cut it so we kill them all until they're all gone!

Make America Great Again!
Make America Rape Again!
Make America Enslave Again!
Make America Afraid Again!

Let's Rape!
Track Name: Alligator People
The sky went black & burned up the land
The war for the world had come for Japan
It came from the heavens, but brought only hell
On the thousands of people on which it fell

After the fire & the bright scorching flash
The alligator people rose up from the ash
Their faces were black & tough scale-like hide
Their skin was hardened where they once had eyes
A red fiery hole where there once was a mouth
The screams were implied, but there came no sound
They walked their last steps in agony
On the writhing stumps where they once had knees

Any day now the fire will light up our skies
We'll see a bright flash before our time to die
But those that are left on the edge of the Cliff
Will become alligator people doomed to live
Track Name: Freedom Rooster
Let me tell you the story of the biggest cock in the neighborhood
A haram of hens appeared in his shadow wherever he stood
Well he's a bad mother-clucker with a fiery feathered tail
They call him freedom rooster & I'm gonna rhyme his tail with this tale

When he was hatched & just a chick
He was adopted by meth addicts
And taken to the wrong side of Bradyville Pike
There he was never allowed to roam
A barbwire cage was considered his home
They pumped him up full of steroids every night
He never was allowed to crow nor sing
only allowed to be thrown in the ring
Where he would face other poultry as his foes
That rooster, he was living rough
Living in a meth lab in a cage so stuffed
He only longed for a chance to spring & grow

Those junkies didn't know what they were raising
The only rooster ever worthy of praising
You'll state in disbelief, this rooster was no chief
He is the very symbol of justice & liberty

Hey Freedom rooster!
Why don't you fly somewhere instead of being stuck in the Boro?
Fly Freedom Rooster!
Why don't you fly sometime & be somewhere else tomorrow?

It wasn't long before the pigs caught wind
That some white trash was slinging crystal sin
And running cockfights in a whore house tweaking speed
They busted in, demanding hands be raised
And arrested everybody in that place
And proceeded to search the entire property
that tricky rooster had been waiting on
Somebody to come & free him all along
He knew his opportunity had come at last
The cops popped open the first trunk they saw
From where our rooster sprung with pointed claw
And sprinted quicker than a cheetah with a wrench up his ass

Those coppers didn't know that they were chasing
The only rooster ever worthy of praising
He springs ferociously with tiny chicken feet
Those piggies couldn't snatch him off the Boro streets

Hey Freedom rooster!
Why don't you fly somewhere instead of being stuck in the Boro?
Fly Freedom Rooster!
Why don't you fly sometime & be somewhere else tomorrow?

"Now this right here you're about to hear is what we call chicken picking down yonder in Tennessee. But for this song, we're gonna call it rooster picking, because this song is about one of them dang ol' cockadoodle doers. So let's clap our hands, stomp those feet, & praise Merle Travis! We’re about to have a hoe down: Flummox style."

It didn't take that rooster long
To spin the life he had before this song
He raised himself a poultry poly-colony family
He has a few wives & a few dozen kids
Living inside a white picket fence
That circles the old foreclosed meth'd out facility
He now patrols his neighborhood
Making sure that everyone's doing what they should
And if they're not, he's gonna come & peck out their eyes
Those cops don't fuck with the cock no more
They know their place & give him room to soar
His jurisdiction is the only thing keeping the place nice

That rooster didn't know how he's amazing
He is the only rooster worthy of praising
He's got his chicks to feed,
And all his hens to seed
He is the very symbol of the American Dream

Hey Freedom rooster!
Why don't you fly somewhere instead of being stuck in the Boro?
Fly Freedom Rooster!
Why don't you fly sometime & be somewhere else tomorrow?

This has been the story of the biggest cock in the neighborhood
Better have paid attention or you're gonna get your eyes pecked good
Cause he's a bad mother-clucker
with a fiery feathered tail
His name is Freedom Rooster & this is the end of his tale
Track Name: Oh, Possum
Marsupials with a rodent's paw & face
Consume the scraps scrapped from your plate
Dumpster diver & street survivor
Trash day is the only day to die for

O - it's silent

Disney makes it look so easy, prehensile tail that hangs high from trees
Black beady eyes with a rabies immunity
I'll eat anything at all, Ticks are a delicacy

O - oh, Possum

I scream at my own ass

I'm not good at seeing things real far
headlights flashing from speeding cars
My limbs & entrails scrapped across the blackened scorching gritty tar (Roll)

The opossum is a member of the marsupial family of the order didelphimorphia. They are the largest order of marsupials in the western hemisphere. Didelphis virginiana, or the opossum if you will, holds a plantigrade stance: meaning their feet stand quite firmly on the ground. They have an opposable digit on each claw, & like some primates, a prehensile tail with which to cling onto the branches of trees - but not upside down! No no no no no no no no NO!

That is a common misconception: Opossums cannot hang upside down by their tails, nor should they ever be hung inside of a plexiglass box, & suspended into the air by a bunch of rednecks in North Carolina on New Years Eve. Why would you do something like that, Clay Logan? They’re just trying to help out & eat all of your ticks, you fucking bastard! I fucking hate you Clay Logan you fuck! How would you like to be hung up in the cold winter air as a time ball, bitch? You wouldn’t like it, would you? Goddamn you Clay Logan, I fucking hate you Clay Logan, I Fucking hate you you fucking cunt!

Where was I? Oh yes, possums. Now the Possum has a gland in its anus that produces a smell resembling that of a rotting corpse. They use this in their famous ruse of playing dead. Like their cousin, the kangaroo, the female opossum holds her young in a pouch until they are ready to live on their own. Funny thing about the female opossum, for indeed she has 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 nipples! 13 of them - I’m not lying about that. There’s 12 arranged in a circle with one directly in the middle. The male opossum is not without his custom traits either, for you see he has a forked penis bearing twin glands. This is so he can acquire double, sometimes triple, & on kinkier nights, quadruple the amount of opossum pussy.

It is also a proven fact, that when the opossum is frustrated, when he is angry, when he has had it up to here with the entire goddamn world; he bends over & points his snout between his legs. And with beast eyes full of fire, he opens his wide, gaping, foaming jaws & that’s when he screams at his own ass. He screams at his own ass.

I can't see things really far
headlights flashing from speeding cars
My limbs & entrails scrapped across the blackened scorching gritty tar

I'm just a misunderstood marsupial, & here is my deal
One man's trash is another creature's meal
I'm just a scavenger & a hunter when I need to be
& I’ll probably never contract rabies
I'm just an opossum & here's what I have to say
Don't mistake me for dead, it’s all a play.
Track Name: See ya around.
See ya around, maybe next Tuesday?
Well any which way you & I will be closer to death.
See ya around, is Wednesday any better?
I don't know, but you're certainly wasting up a lot of breath
So long, buddy! Hope ya had a good time!
Take some home with ya because you're currently wasting mine
Have a safe trip! Hope I'll catch ya later!
no more today, because our time together
makes me wanna sit and recline & wind down
Winding down

How can such intelligent life be so ignorant to its place?
The social norm is to be brainwashed & left inside a cage
Information isn't knowledge, but improves the means of knowing
There's truth to the breeze that lets you know your ass is showing
This song title is a sentence
& this album is a statement
Intellectual hooliganism
Leads you from your own enslavement

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