by Flummox

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the beginning of the band


released September 20, 2012

Robert Blake Dellinger - Bass, Lead Vocals, Percussion on #2
Andrew Jones - Guitars, Vocals on #1 & #3
Matthew Rose - Drums
Dave Summers - Production, Recording, Mix, Remix, Master, Bacon

Tracks #1 & #2 written by Robert Blake Dellinger & Andrew Jones
Track #3 written by Robert Blake Dellinger, Cody Gonzales, & Andrew Jones



all rights reserved


Flummox Murfreesboro, Tennessee

flum·mox/ˈfləməks/ Perplex (someone) greatly; bewilder.

Blake Dellinger - bass, lead vocals
Drew Jones - acoustic & electrics, keys, vocals
Alan Pfeifer - drums, percussion
Squonk Smith - electrics, screeches
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Track Name: Running Like Clockwork
Droogs, Take to the streets, upon your knees, shadows mask you cannot see (me)
Creech, Creeching away, all you can say, "Why do you treat me this way?"
Tol-Tolchoked & knifed, viddy you whine, viddy you weeping & whine.
I'll show no remorse, can't run my course, pain is my horrorshow sport

I'm your god, my dog, you have become & from your head, the red red krovvy starts to run away & hide, cannot escape the grip I have upon your slow & fragile mind

Ride, through the twilight, dark countryside, Durango 95
Wolf! to you we call, can't see at all, letting me in after dark
Break, in through the door, make you watch more, your wife made into a whore
stains, many cum stains, strike you again, I get off to your pain

Appy-pologies, I force you viddy more of me inside your wife's throbbing puss-see me once again, you want revenge, cause I'm the guy who fucked her hard enough to die

Tried, 14 years, Staja
665321, You are a number no longer a man
Tried to get out, a cure?
Ludivigo serum number 114 you shall intake

I'm sorry Alex it's for your own good I swear

So a toast for the cure for being such a success
time to boast about your life, how it isn't so intense, time to cry time to die time to go
Track Name: The Whispering Banshees
Silence is haunting my past memories
A dispersed assembly of deafened screams
marked by crimson upon a sinner's crown
blasphemer on holy burial grounds
sorrow comes with aging, death's the final straw
the only thing that's changing is my faith in it all
whispering banshees take my thoughts away
it's still bleeding on my altar of decay

Mountains of sky show clouds learning to fly
Novocaine feast for the dead long deceased
Gone or Non-existent, blind yet still can see
evil or guidance? the ocean is not the sea

I'm so blind, can't find no one
why is it always the same? doing everything that you do.
look at how high we are, high enough to touch the stars

take a journey through your memories
a tracing to the source of your current disease
lies don't matter if they're the only thing told
the soul doesn't burn if it hasn't been sold
Track Name: Let Me Show You the Black
There's a place far away where nothing seems gray
I've been there before, let me show you the door
If you're down on yourself & it seems no one will help
grab hold of my hand & I'll show you this land
There's a place time stands still so there's plenty to kill
there's no price to pay so let me show you the way

Anything you can imagine close your eyes and watch it happen

Don't you feel it all around you, can't you feel it calling your name, always the same. It holds you tightly with dark restraints, speaks to you lightly but the whispers are too faint - whispers are too faint

Can't escape - follows you close
can't escape - no turning back
can't escape - follows you close
can't escape - into the black

can't escape - ha ha
no escape - ah ah

I don' t know what I will do with my life
I don't see what you see so I cry out

There's a place you can go where nothing seems cold
don't fall far behind, let me show you your mind
if you arrive just in time for the bell's time to chime
don't follow the track, let me show you the black