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Nicolas RESSOT Un album psychédélique à souhait, à la croisée des styles, entre Monster magnet et Dog fashion disco ; c'est dire si le spectre est large ! à tel point qu'on ne saurait dire où se situent le travail et la spontanéité. Bref, que du bon ! Favorite track: Flummoxing Act 1/Garbonzo's Leap.
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this is an album we recorded between October 2013-January 2014 with Dave Summers at his studio in Tullahoma, TN.


released August 16, 2014

Andrew Christ Jones - 9&6 string electric guitars, acoustic guitars, vocals, kazoo, effects, tummy sounds

Robert Blake Dellinger - 6 string fretted/fretless bass guitars, Lead Vocals, effects, lyrics, harmonica, pan flute, assorted percussion, stuff

Dave Summers - Engineer, Mix, Master, Fake Drums, Squiggly line arranger, effects, vocals, enabler

Featuring other voices & effects by;
London Allan, Bob Dellinger, The Rinderers - Anne, Dave, Nathan, & Lori, Erin & Jolie, Shane the Rape Fox, Britain Mathis, & Ralph the Custodian

Produced by Flummox & Dave Summers

Artwork by Holly Axelrod
Layout by Josh Raiken

All songs written by Dellinger/Jones
Copyright "PHLUMMOXYGEN" 2014



all rights reserved


Flummox Murfreesboro, Tennessee

flum·mox/ˈfləməks/ Perplex (someone) greatly; bewilder.

Blake Dellinger - bass, lead vocals
Drew Jones - acoustic & electrics, keys, vocals
Alan Pfeifer - drums, percussion
Squonk Smith - electrics, screeches
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Track Name: Flummoxing Act 1/Garbonzo's Leap
Pardon me if I ask thee if what just happened was reality
why one plus one is three to me
and how fish have started to climb trees
it seems all knowledge ain't logic at all
just stories and fables and numbers to call
so please slide down and I'll see your saw
I'll perplex and bewilder & flummox you all

thank you
thank you sir
thank you madame
thank you very much
thank you all very much
thank you all for hearing this
thank you all for hearing this song
thank you all for staying put for this song
thank you all for staying put for this song so far!

this song really sucks, I don't give no fucks
I ain't scared of ducks that have small tails and beaks
weeks and weeks have gone by slow
no time and place to go sleep
count sheep leaping up & down
clowns that frown keep underground towns
think about it now
think on it later
think of all the times you've heard somebody ask
why do you look that way now?
who did this? forget what you have seen, it's not true
don't think that we're not out to get
you can't read or write
you can't think nor speak
you're not strong, you're weak
you're too small to fight back
Track Name: Custodian Ralph
Ralph was a guy from the trailer side
Ralph cleaned the campus almost every night
sweeping fast, mopping last, watch him do his dust attack
thinks it's fun, makes him run, watch him hit a hunk of crack

Ralph didn't like the dust bunnies
Ralph thought his puns were all funny
inspect the room with scepter broom, never forgets a second glance
sani-bags & trailer swag, watch him do the Elmo dance

Ralph was a master class sweeper
Ralph was a Class A tweaker
creeps the halls, tweakin' balls, finds every last particle
wash the floor, don't ignore the mess he finds is the mess he kills
Track Name: Ancestors/ Earth Removal
The sky burned black from earth's decay
acid rain melts the shadows of sun-rays
colorless plains greet the dead sea
now just barren and breeding black disease

beings once man mutated and vile
crawling upon the ruined ashy piles
bright glowing lights hovering in the sky
our ancestors welcome to our demise

humanoid life forms twist and roam
before their gods who will bring them home
trans-dimensional voids appear
a fleet to guide them from the sphere

transform the former species of man
now soulless slaves to work the land
majestic realms built within the space
home to the ones that created the race

every last one is taken far away
from the black rock that's burned all her days
the ones that look down our sphere
use their power to make it disappear
Track Name: Planet Cancer
My body is feeling weak, my head is full of doubt. I don't know where my world is, nor what it's all about. The things that made me glad are run in down the drain. I can't afford to feel sad as it takes up half my brain. Materials that don't matter take men under their control. They can't hear the pitter-patter of the last drops of their soul. A cancer to the earth, a burden to the gods, what point does it really serve? What really are the odds? They take more than they give, no air to replace the fumes, no food to sustain & live, more dead to fill the tombs. Conversation is a dead art, speech is a useless tool. If you can't live to play the part, than you listened to the fools! Just because there are weapons, doesn't mean it's an armory. Just 'cause there ain't no whips & chains doesn't mean it ain't slavery. Sacrifice the immaculate - stone the priests in the road. Try to hard to calculate what you reaped from the sown. Your gods are all a fable, but the devil's in a thousand men. They need to keep the power stable, so they teach you how to sin.
Mother taught you wrong
Father wasn't there
I can't finish this song
Let's just end
Track Name: The Whispering Banshees
Silence is haunting my past memories
a dispersed assembly of muted screams
marked by crimson upon a sinner's crown
blasphemer on holy burial grounds

sorrow comes with aging, death's the final straw
the only thing that's changing is my faith in it all
whispering banshees take my thoughts away
they're still bleeding on my altar of decay

mountains of sky, Novocaine feast for the dead long deceased
gone or non-existent, blind yet still can see
evil or guidance - the ocean is not the sea

I'm so blind, can't find no one
why is it always the same doing everything that you do?
look at how high we are - high enough to touch the stars

take a journey through your memories
a tracing to the source of your current disease
lies don't matter if their the only thing told
the soul doesn't burn if it hasn't been sold
Track Name: Flummoxing Act 2
didja know this is the last track of the album?
we thought that you might really like to know that this is not the first rack on the album - just a reminder that you're not dead

so it seems to be our greeting for the show that is still currently seating, or is this all really just a dream? You know everything is by accident and you try to set it straight. the fountain of youth is already spent, so don't you try and act your age.