A Bundle of Styx

from by Flummox

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this song is gay.


A Bundle of Styx

It doesn't matter if I sleep with a woman almost every night, or eat more pussy than a canine with an appetite
I love the ladies but I got an eye for you guys too - androgynous, but I've still got bigger balls than you
not based on whose ass I fuck any given day, It's okay to be gay, but some might say it might be better some other way - well, I got something I gotta say!

I might not catch it but I'll pitch it & I'll hit it pretty fucking hard
I'm a bugger but I'll fuck her; Venus, David, or any piece of art
I like what I like, & I'm psyched to be who I've been from the very start
I could win the war & run for office, if I wanna crack at it, I could start a whole family & be a better dad than Bob Saget while still making a loud as fuck rock n roll racket, but to a bigot I'm still just half a fucking faggot

Does it really matter what somebody else does with their time?
As long as they're not fucking you, you shouldn't even mind
I ain't Hillary Clinton, always flippin' & floppin' & switching sides
Maybe I don't wanna change, but god knows I've tried
But God's got nothing to do with definitions of sin
His own son was out fishin' with a dozen guys for men
This ain't some PC-PSA about fucking both ways
If it wasn't weird they wouldn't say queer, they'd just say 'okay'
But we're all mad here, & It's still perfectly clear that some people are afraid of others taking a dick in the rear
You're not scared of the faggots you're scared of yourself
And what dick might make your tiny prick rise all by itself

I'm just a bundle of sticks, damming up the damned river Styx - you're gonna blow me up
I'm just a bundle of twigs, fallen from the tree of cursed figs, you're gonna burn me down


from Garage Prog, released June 24, 2017
Blake Dellinger - Bass, Lead Vocals, Lyrics
Drew Jones - Lead Guitar
Alan Pfeifer - Drums
Justin Smith - Guitars



all rights reserved


Flummox Murfreesboro, Tennessee

flum·mox/ˈfləməks/ Perplex (someone) greatly; bewilder.

Blake Dellinger - bass, lead vocals
Drew Jones - acoustic & electrics, keys, vocals
Alan Pfeifer - drums, percussion
Squonk Smith - electrics, screeches
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